The Inside Scoop on Endometriosis: Your Guide to Understanding and Managing this Condition

Dec 30, 2023
woman with cramps and pain

Endometriosis. It's a medical term that can sound mysterious, even intimidating.


But let's crack the code: think of it as a case of adventurous uterine tissue exploring beyond its usual cozy home. Those cells that normally line the inside of your uterus sometimes decide to take a trip, setting up camp on unexpected terrain like your ovaries, fallopian tubes, or even your bowels, bladder or other organs.


The Monthly Struggle: These cells still connected to the hormonal rollercoaster of your cycle. So, every month, they respond to the hormonal ups and downs just like other endometrial tissue: they build up, break down, and bleed. But here's the catch – they're stuck in the wrong place! 


This can lead to inflammation, scar tissue, and be a source of severe pain, cramping, and sometimes even bleeding.


Depending on where you find this tissue, you may even have bowel symptoms associated with your cycle. 


The Spectrum of Experiences: No two journeys with endometriosis are the same. 

Some women experience pain only during their periods. Others may experience it during ovulation. Some may have it with intercourse, and some may have it with each bowel movement, or at random times throughout the cycle. 

No matter when you experience the pain, the pain itself can be a very telling symptom of endometriosis. Particularly very severe pain that doesn't resolve with treatments. 


Alternatively, there are women with endometriosis who don't experience pain and don't know they have it aside from an incidental finding from another surgery. 


Empowered Travelers, Not Warriors: Here's the thing: living with endometriosis doesn't mean you're locked in a battle or defined by your diagnosis. You're not a warrior constantly clashing with an enemy. You're an explorer, navigating a landscape you didn't choose, a landscape that can be tricky, yes, but also one with hidden pathways and whispers of hope.


Natural Therapies for Endometriosis: There are so many different options that can work for different women. Here are some options to consider if you deal with severe period pain and cramping: 

  • Raspberry Leaf Tea: This herb is known as a "uterine tonic." It helps to tonify the uterine muscle and often this can be a big factor in pain with endometriosis. 
    • The researched dosing for using this is 1 tablespoon of herb per cup of water and it's best to be consumed on a regular basis. 
  • Castor Oil PacksCastor oil, when used topically can be very anti-inflammatory and calming. This can be used on a regular basis for pain and inflammation and increased circulation. It can also be used as needed while you are having period cramps. 
    • When choosing a castor oil, be sure to find one that is organic, and in a dark glass bottle and is hexane free. 
      • There is no research or evidence to suggest this should be avoided DURING your period. If you notice your bleeding increases while doing a castor oil pack, it's likely from the added circulation causing better flow, and addressing the heavy bleeding that is underlying is important in this case. 
      • Castor oil is not CAUSING a heavier period. Please be sure to understand that a topical oil is not worsening your bleeding. 
  • Hydration: This one seems simple, but do not neglect hydration for your pain! Even 1% dehydration can cause muscle cramping and increased pain. 
    • Shoot for at least 80-100oz of water daily 
    •  Add electrolytes to your water to help with water retention and absorption
  • Avoiding dairythis one may or may not be a big factor for you. I have seen many women tell me dairy elimination alone cut down their period pain by 70% or more! 
    • You can start by a trial for 2 cycles. See if cutting out cow dairy (you can still have goat/sheeps milk products) for 2 period cycles makes a difference for your pain. Usually after 1-2 cycles, you'll know if this is going to be a needle mover or not. 
  • Magnesium Supplementation60% of people in the world are deficient in magnesium. 
    • Magnesium helps with increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, and improving sleep quality which can indirectly help with inflammation and stress. 
    • This can be a big one for women with period pain and cramping. 
    • Shoot for either the glycinate or malate forms of magnesium. 
    • Grab my favorite magnesium supplements here (in the "general" category).  
      • Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliations with the brands I recommend. I recommend them because I trust them and use them for myself and the women I work with. 


Beyond the Label: Endometriosis might be a constant companion, but it doesn't define you. It's one chapter in the extraordinary book of your life, a chapter with challenges, yes, but also resilience, self-discovery, and the strength to rewrite your own narrative. Remember, you are more than your diagnosis. Embrace your journey, explore your options, and above all, remember the strength that lies within.


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[It's always best to work with a provider who is trained in integrative and natural therapies if this is the route you're looking to pursue. This is content is educational, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions]



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