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How to get truly pain-free and PMS-free periods

... and keep them that way!

Are you ready to take control of your periods and have better hormonal health?


Want to get rid of your bloating? Mood swings? Headaches? 


Want to wake up feeling energized and happy in your body?


Are you tired of being under the mercy of your bed and heating pad every month?

Are you...
  • Exhausted by your hormonal fluctuations?
  • Stressed about your period every month?
  • Worried about what this month is going to bring?
  • Tired of being told to "Just take birth control" or "Use pain medications?"



Stuck in bed for hours or days every month?


Feel like you’ve tried everything but haven’t seen any changes?


Getting overwhelmed with trying to google all the answers and hearing so much conflicting advice?


Frustrated that your doctors keep telling you everything is “normal?”


Feel like you’re confused about what to do and how to do it?


Had success in the past with certain diets or supplements but they didn’t last? 


Wish you could have someone who knows what you need to do, just take your hand and show you the way?

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I got you.


I will show you every step and how to have lasting, sustainable changes to not only your hormonal health, but your overall health.




Hi, I’m Dr. Bala. 

I’m about to help you know exactly what your body needs and how to give yourself that so you can have pain free periods without any PMS symptoms, and feel the best you’ve ever felt!

 So if you want to learn step by step how to get better periods, more energy, and feel like yourself again, you’re in the right place. I’ll show you what to do and how to do it, step by step. 


I know you’ve probably been told that having easy and simple periods just isn’t in the cards for us women. Maybe you’ve been suffering so long, you can’t even imagine living differently. 

But I’m telling you, these are old-school lies keeping you from having easy, symptom free periods, and having more freedom in your life to do whatever you want without your health or your hormones holding you back. 

Everything in the program is easy to implement with any type of schedule- even if you’re balancing work life, family life, alongside that fatigue. 

This program is no fluff, no extra work, just straight to the point tangible steps for what you need to have the best periods you can. 

You will learn how to understand what your body needs so you’re not on a roundabout of trying different diets, supplements, and fads that don’t work for YOU. Clients start to see improvements in their health and hormones within just a few weeks! 


I had 3 cycles in a row now with NO SYMPTOMS!!! I'm soooo excited! I can't remember the last time I had periods like this.

This course is for you if...
  • You have awful period symptoms that you’re looking to manage without hormonal birth control
  • You want tangible steps and guidance on what to eat, how to eat, and what to look for when addressing factors like gut health and nutrition
  • You want clarity on what supplements would be a good fit for you 
  • You need education in understanding your blood work and what your doctors have tested or what they might be missing
  • You want step-by-step instruction for results that last longer than a few months 
  • You want to feel good in body and maybe even work on your hormones for future fertility purposes
  • You want to feel like yourself again without your hormones getting in the way of your moods, your libido, or your day! 
This course is not for you if...
  • You’re not looking to optimize your health, and you’re okay living with period cramps, mood swings, irritability, acne, headaches, breast tenderness, and other hormonal issues. Not everyone wants to work on their health, I get it. But I have a feeling you do. I have a feeling you’ve seen and heard other women having pain free, easy periods, and you want that life too! I have all the tools you’re going to need, right here, IF you’re open to learning a new way of health! 
  • You’re afraid to invest in yourself and your health. My clients have seen changes to their gut health, PMS symptoms, energy, moods, and so much more within just weeks of implementing these steps. You’ve had hormonal issues for months or even years! Think about how good you can feel just a few weeks from today! If you’re willing to make the investment, that can be you, too. 



Here's what you'll learn in this course:


Module 1: Hormonal Introduction


Module 1.1: Why do I have PMS + Pain?


Module 2: Lab Testing and Evaluation


Module 3: Liver Health and Metabolism


Module 4: Gut Health and Nutrition


Module 5: Lifestyle Management


Module 6: Integrative Solutions for Gut Health


Module  7: Integrative Solutions for Liver Health


Module 8: Bonus Integrative Tools for Pain/PMS


Module 9: Case Reviews (real clients and their results)

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Less than $2/day to fix your hormones!

  • Actionable steps on how to have PMS free periods
  • Leave the course with knowledge about how to track your periods, have pain-free and PMS-free periods
  • 12 weeks of access to the course
  • Printable handouts and resources
  • 9+ hours of hormonal health information
  • Access to online dispensary with discount to practitioner-grade supplements