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Hi, I'm Dr. Saru Bala

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Your body and your health shouldn't be a mystery to you.

Having been to my share of doctors and appointments from a young age due to IBD and hormonal issues, I knew there had to be more to healthcare than a 5 minute impersonal visit where I left with more unanswered questions than I came in with.

With chronic disease being a major part of our community now, my goal is to see a society where health is valued, and each individual knows how to take care of themselves.

My job isn’t to tell you what to do - it's to help you through your health journey. I’m here to empower you, educate you, support you, and work with you throughout this entire process.

Gabriella M


"Prior to seeing Dr. Bala I was lost and confused. My gyno always recommend birth control to fix my painful periods but that didn’t work and I felt like it was never going to be better. After 6 months together, I no longer have painful periods and I understand my body better."

Laura V


"Before working together, I was having extreme irritability, PMS, and inability to sleep. My condition was always a "mystery illness" with no way to change. Dr. Bala wanted to find solutions for me, she didn't see it as just getting me comfortable, she wanted to give me an actual solution."

Anyssa V


"I first came to see Dr. Bala for fibroid discomfort, heavy cycles, and not sleeping. Before working with Dr. Bala everyone was pushing me to do a hysterectomy or an ablation for my painful periods. After working with Dr. Bala, I feel better, sleep better, don't have anymore PMS symptoms, and my cycles are less severe."


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Work 1:1 with Dr. Bala

Do you need help with your hormones? Don't know where to begin? Work directly with Dr. Bala on figuring out your health! 


You'll have all the support, check-ins, labs, and guidance you need to figure out hormonal issues4.




Online Courses

Get all the information, research, tools, and education about your gut health, liver health, hormones, labs, supplements, and MORE! 


Don't waste your time reading every blog, post, and video on the internet. Get everything wrapped up in a bow, handed to you so you know exactly how to get rid of your hormonal symptoms, FOR GOOD. 



Free Training

Get access to Dr. Bala's PMS Solutions webinar! 


Learn all about why  you have PMS, what the biggest factors are, and solutions other than birth control to manage your symptoms, and get rid of them!