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"I help you feel energetic, healthy and vibrant again, by addressing your health concerns from a whole person perspective, and getting to the root cause of your hormonal issues. I will open you up to a world of integrative options for worry free periods, fertility, & overall hormonal health."

Work with Dr. Bala

1:1  Consultations

Work with Dr. Bala 1:1 to get your period concerns addressed. Dr. Bala works with women in AZ, CA, and WA to order labs, diagnose, and treat your hormonal conditions. If you’ve been diagnosed with a hormonal disorder and feel confused about integrative options and how to move forward, Dr. Bala can help guide you on your healing journey.

Online Courses

Dr. Bala's online hormonal health course is great for anyone looking to address their hormonal issues with an integrative approach who is unable to work with her directly. These courses are designed to help you understand your body, your hormones, your periods, and provide integrative solutions for your hormonal concerns!


Meet  Dr. Bala

Hi, I’m Dr. Saru Bala!

Having been to my share of doctors and appointments from a young age, I knew there had to be more to healthcare than a 5 minute impersonal visit where I left with more unanswered questions than I came in with.

With chronic disease being a major part of our community now, my goal is to see a society where health is valued, and each individual knows how to take care of themselves. Where better to start than with women and the future generation? Creating healthy, happy, women and babies creates the foundations for a healthier community.

As your doctor, my job isn’t to tell you what to do - it's to help you through your healing journey. I’m here to empower you, educate you, support you, and work with you throughout this entire process.


Before working with Dr. Bala, I was tired most days and I had a hard time getting up in the morning. I had painful periods with a lot of gas and bloating. After working with Dr. Bala for 6 months, I feel so much better. I have more energy now and my period pain is almost gone at this point. Working with Dr. Bala made me feel like it wasn't in my head, and I felt like she gave me a lot more options than my other doctors and was very informative. She would explain everything to me and I really appreciate that.

-Eleanor N, 23

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Learn about the most commonly ordered hormonal lab tests and what they mean.

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