Test, don't guess.

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For women looking for detailed answers as to what is going on with your hormones. This test is a comprehensive test that looks at more than just what’s circulating in your body.


It looks at how you’re metabolizing your hormones, and what your stress hormones and androgens are doing. It gives the practitioner detailed information about where in the pathway your hormones are having issues to create more targeted therapies for your hormonal concerns.

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We can check in on your stool, gut microbiome, or do additional nutrient testing to get a better picture of your symptoms and concerns. 


If you've done the gamut of testing and haven't seen improvements with therapies, functional testing can be a great tool to assess and look more into the details of what may be going on!

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In addition to functional labs, we will also do standard blood work and testing. If you’ve been suffering with symptoms for a while and have been told your labs are normal so nothing is wrong with you, let’s dig deeper.


If you feel off, chances are, something is going on in your body. Let’s work together to find out what that is so you can get to feeling your best again. Don’t settle for feeling  just okay because your labs say nothing is wrong.

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