If you’re tired of being constantly dismissed by healthcare providers, Dr. Bala is here to listen, empower & help you on your health journey.

Dr. Saru Bala, Working With Hormonal Health Client

Are you ... 

  • Diagnosed with a hormonal condition like PCOS or Hashimoto's and don’t know where to begin? 

  • Having trouble with fertility?

  • Do you have painful periods and nothing has helped?

  • Looking for options to regulate your hormones outside of birth control?

  • Feeling off but told your labs are fine, so there’s nothing you can do? 

  • Tired of trying to figure out your health on your own and need some guidance with how and what supplements would work for you?

Dr. Bala works with you to address your health concerns from a whole person perspective - rather than only looking at your current symptoms. She will look at your gut health, digestion, nutrition habits, liver metabolism, stress management, sleep, lifestyle habits, and more, to truly understand and identify the opportunities for change. Through this, women are able to achieve better overall health, along with better hormonal health that gives you periods you never have to worry about again.

Looking for help with...


Generally, you need to have been trying to conceive for about a year before you can be seen for fertility care. Wouldn’t it make sense to get a workup before you start? Let’s figure out your fertility sooner rather than later.

Even if you’re not having trouble conceiving, getting preconception care is a great way to prevent any future complications for yourself AND your baby!


You had regular visits for the past 40 weeks, and now you’re left in the dark to take care of yourself. Let’s make sure you are supported and everything is on track to having a smooth transition into motherhood. Lactation support, sleep, recovery, postpartum moods, and anything else you might need!


Do you struggle with irregular, heavy, or painful periods? Do you have PMS symptoms you’re tired of? Did you get diagnosed with a hormonal condition and want to know ALL your options? Whatever you’re looking for, we can work together to reach your goals!


1:1 Hormonal Health Package

This is a comprehensive package for women looking for care with on-going hormonal complaints.

These packages include: 


  • One 60 minute initial 1:1 consult where we will talk about your health history, goals, and concerns, which means I will get a full understanding of your life and overall health to better help you in your journey and reach your goals. This visit is either in-person or a video call.*

  • 3 follow-up (30 minute) 1:1 consults so you can tell me how things are progressing, which means we can change and tailor treatments based on what’s working or not to get you better results. Plus, you get accountability and check ins!

  • 10% off on practitioner grade supplements. This can be used even after we stop working together. You will have lifetime access to the discount and these products.

  • Unlimited access to the patient messaging portal so you can ask me any questions you have, meaning I’ll be with you every step of the journey for additional support. Long term changes can be difficult, my goal is to make them more manageable so you can have sustainable results.

  • Nutrition & diet assessment. Learn about what to eat for your particular body and its needs so that you can reach your goals, faster. No two women are the same, your diets shouldn’t have to be either!

  • Lab work and evaluations. You will get a full hormonal and metabolic health panel of blood work. I will take a look at your results and play detective to figure out exactly what the cause of your symptoms are. If your labs come back normal, but you still feel off, then there’s a reason for that! Let’s keep digging to find out the full picture.

  • At cost DUTCH testing. This is a comprehensive look at your hormones- everything from cortisol to estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and DHEA, that will give us a full picture of what is happening with your sex hormones and stress hormone so that we know exactly what to target in your individual treatment plan.

  • Personalized plan based on YOUR individual needs. This means tailored supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations based on what you’re seeking help for.

  • Education regarding birth control methods, how to track your cycles and ovulation, and what a healthy period should look like so that you’re never left guessing what’s “normal” or what’s going on in your body. I want you to know exactly what every supplement, dietary change, or lifestyle modification is affecting you. It’s your body, you should know what’s happening inside!

If you become a new patient, there is a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot for the visit. This will be applied to your total for the visit/package. It will stay with your account should you need to reschedule.

*If you are not an in-person patient, you MUST be available for a video call.

**Please note that 1:1 visits are only available for those in the USA.

If you’re looking for somebody to listen to you, educate you, and guide you in your health journey, Dr. Bala is here to do just that.