Take Control of Your Hormones

Woman in Pain

are you ... 

  • Sick of being told “everything is fine” when you feel like something is wrong?

  • Diagnosed with PCOS and want integrative options to manage your symptoms and protect your future fertility? 

  • Having painful periods that keep you from doing your everyday activities?

  • Having really heavy periods that take over your life?

  • Looking for a way to regulate your hormones naturally?

If so, it may be time to take back control of your hormones!

In this self paced course, learn how your health affects your hormones for pain free periods! Learn what goes on during your period, what a normal period looks like, how to track your periods and ovulation, how your gut health and lifestyle affect your hormones and integrative solutions to help you solve your period pain. 



This course is for any women experiencing issues relating to their periods - whether that’s extreme pain, heavy periods, or both. If you’ve only been offered birth control as a solution and you want more options or want integrative solutions, this course is for you!


During this self paced course, you’ll learn:

  • What a "healthy" period looks like, what hormones are involved, and what you should be tracking

  • How hormones work, so you can understand what’s going on in your body and why you're having painful or heavy periods

  • How to take care of your gut health and nutrition to support a pain-free, lighter period

  •  How stress, exercise and sleep influence your periods- so you can optimize your daily routine for your hormonal health

  • Integrative approaches to attack your period pain and/or heavy bleeding

  • Herbs and supplements for gut health, liver health, and resolving period pain/heavy bleeding



  1. Bi-weekly “office hours” to ask any questions you might have along your hormonal health journey

  2. Handouts and guides for gut health, stress management, behavior changes/motivation, and nutrition guides!


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