Take Control of Your Hormones, today!

Woman in Pain

are you ... 

  • Sick of being told “everything is fine” when you feel like something is wrong?

  • Having painful periods that keep you in bed and away from your daily activities?

  • Having PMS symptoms that make you feel like you're living in someone else's body?

  • Looking for a way to regulate your hormones without needing birth control?

  • Confused about all the different health information out there and want a more condensed, individualized, researched way of healing your periods?

If so, it may be time to take back control of your hormones and your body!

In this PMS Solutions Academy, learn how your health habits affect your hormones for pain and PMS free periods! Learn what goes on during your period, what a normal period looks like, how to track your periods and ovulation, how your gut health, liver health, and lifestyle affect your hormones, and integrative solutions to help you solve your PMS. 



This course is for any woman experiencing painful periods, heavy periods, or both! 


If you’ve only been offered birth control as a solution and you want other integrative solutions, this course is for you!


In this Academy, you'll get: ​

  • Information on what a "healthy" period looks like, what hormones are involved, and what you should be tracking.

  • How your hormones work, so you can understand what’s going on in your body and why you're having PMS symptoms.

  • Handouts, guides, and live WEEKLY face-face support with Dr. Bala!

  •  Actionable step-by-step instruction on how to start addressing your PMS symptoms

  • Integrative tools including herbs, supplements, topical support, and lifestyle changes to resolve your PMS symptoms

  • Learn how to read and interpret your lab results, what labs you should be doing, and how to get them done! 



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This self-paced course is for any woman who feels completely confused about what's going on in her body. Sex education courses happen maybe once for an hour in middle school, and then you're never taught anything again. 

Googling all your symptoms and putting the pieces together yourself shouldn't be something you have to do to understand your body.


During this course, you’ll learn:

  • What a "healthy" period looks like, what hormones are involved, and what you should be tracking

  • Where issues with your period might be coming from and what could be going on

  • Vaginal health: how to take care of your vagina, how to maintain the pH and what products to avoid/use, all about discharge, infections, STIs, period products, and more!

  • How to track ovulation: what to look for, the different methods, and what products to use

  • Birth control and sex: the different types of birth control, how they work, their effectiveness, and questions about sex and pregnancy!